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There are many people who have been going to chiropractors all their life. Will I have to do that too?

You can be assured that here at Wheaton Family Chiropractic, we will never schedule you for more visits than you really need. I don’t know what your past experiences have been like, or how they do it at other offices, but I do know my own practice and I have not, and never will, make any patient come back for any more visits than they need.

As far as coming back after you are out of pain, everyone’s condition is different, and if that’s what we determine is best for you it would make good sense to do it. Think of the “preventive maintenance” people do for their cars, like oil changes, for example. If you change your oil every three or four thousand miles, you will ensure that your car’s engine has a long life. Well, wellness care chiropractic adjustments are a lot like oil changes and dental cleanings; they are preventive maintenance items for your health.

Is it safe for kids to get adjusted?

We’ve heard every rumor under the sun, but the actual truth is whether you are an adult or a child, when a misalignment is corrected, the body can heal itself. Adjustments are certainly done in a different, gentler way…but we have one of the largest pediatric practices in the state and see everyone from infants to teens and even the geriatric kids at heart! My own children have been getting adjusted since the day they were born. Also, a chiropractors malpractice insurance is a fraction as expensive as a pediatrician’s, so if there was any case to worry about injuring a young patient this wouldn’t be the case.

What makes you different from other chiropractors?

Chiropractor, Dr. Myers specialty is in corrective care. He has done extensive traveling to study under the best and brightest minds on the planet to bring this corrective work to his patients. We can help someone who is looking for a quick fix, but people travel from all over the country to come to our office because of the reputation Dr. Myers has with spinal correction. With corrective care we can help return bent spines straighter and can put the normal arcs back into the spine when they are lost. Not only does this type of care get the patients the best relief, but restores their health and function.

How long is each appointment, and how often will I need to visit?

Expect about an hour for your first two appointments. Once we review your recommendations, we will let you know how long to plan for your future treatments.

How does the chiropractor measure progress?

We measure objective findings through a variety of tests. Remember, our motto is, “We don’t guess, we test.” You’ll be able to see how your body is improving on your periodic progress exams. We measure your progress with state-of-the-art computerized Spinal Thermography, Surface EMG, range of motion improvements, pre and post X-rays, and several other objective findings.

Does the chiropractor work with other healthcare providers?

We get referrals from and work with all kinds of health professionals, such as dentists, physical therapists, massage therapists, surgeons, and often other chiropractors, when they need help with complex cases.

Does the chiropractor provide any additional services?

We do nutritional counseling, advanced workshops on the most cutting-edge topics on health and disease prevention, exercise, and detoxification. We also have a lot of unique equipment for the correction and regeneration of the spine. We do customized ScoliBrace fitting for scoliosis patients, scoliosis monitoring, custom foot orthotics, custom pillow sizing through Pillowise, vibration platforms, cervical vibration traction, scoliosis tables, traction chairs, and much more…

What is the chiropractor's approach to patient education?

We pride ourselves in holding ongoing classes for our patients and the community to keep them informed on the most cutting-edge topics on health and disease prevention. We typically hold classes every eight weeks in our office. We also hold classes at churches and throughout the community.

What should I expect during my initial examination?

We will start by reviewing your paperwork before we even meet with you. Then we will discuss your past and current health, and then we’ll discuss your health goals of what you want to accomplish. We then will do a thorough exam, and if need be, we have digital X-rays on site.

How long will my first appointment take?

We ask patients to plan about an hour for their first appointment.

What should I wear to my first appointment?

We will accommodate dress or casual clothing, but if you can, we ask you to wear comfortable clothing. Minimal jewelry is also helpful. If you have long hair, please bring a hairband for part of the exam.

What should I bring with me to my first appointment?

Please bring your license and a copy of your insurance card so we can have it on file. Your calendar is also helpful for scheduling your next appointment. Patients also ask what forms of payment we take: We accept cash, check, and credit cards. We also ask that your paperwork be filled out prior to your arrival on your first visit.

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